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Clare Quinn — Singer ~ Songwriter

Clare Quinn is a quasi-folk, Brisbane based singer-songwriter... This website is the place to stay informed, with all of her latest news, releases, gigs and adventures. Clare accompanies her distinctive vocals on the keyboard, guitar and ukulele and performs more intimate solo shows or alternatively, alongside her dynamic band. Read more...

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Those Folk - Duo Project January 21st, 2014

Breaking News

Recently I have been devoting many of my musical hours into my duo project, "THOSE FOLK".

Those Folk. Press Image by Stephen Cameron at Hybrid Vision Photography

Those Folk. Press Image by Stephen Cameron 

Alongside the continuing development of my solo project as Clare Quinn, Those Folk exists as a separate entity, with shared compositions, shared lead vocals and a duo album on it's way.

Here is a live video of a track called "Pacific Passage" that Dean Swindell recorded:

Those Folk - Pacific Passage

For more information about Those Folk, head to our Facebook page.

Those Folk Biography:

Those Folk are Lawrence Menard and Clare Quinn. They were summoned together by the power of music on the streets of Edinburgh and have since been an inseparable duo. Roaming from the UK, to Ireland, Berlin, California, Louisiana, Brisbane, Tasmania and every in between, songwriting and recording along the way.

Those Folk were based in York, England where Lawrence finished producing Clare's debut solo album, Emerald and their musical camaraderie flourished.  Los Angeles, Lawrence’s hometown was the birthplace of their debut [set to be released in 2014] duo album, which was self-recorded onto reel-to-reel tape machines.

Influences range from Clare's background; an upbringing laden with Australian Folk Festivals and Lawrence's grounding in the English “Zydefolk & Roll” band, The Buffalo Skinners. They dance fluently between soul, blues, bluegrass, roots, reggae and ragtime, whilst perform on a broad array of instruments including; shared lead vocals, guitar, piano accordion, ukulele, banjo, harmonicas and a healthy dose of foot stomping.


Featured Clip - Caught in the Rain

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