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Clare Quinn — Singer ~ Songwriter

Clare Quinn is a quasi-folk, Brisbane based singer-songwriter... This website is the place to stay informed, with all of her latest news, releases, gigs and adventures. Clare accompanies her distinctive vocals on the keyboard, guitar and ukulele and performs more intimate solo shows or alternatively, alongside her dynamic band. Read more...

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Winter 2014.August 11th, 2014

Despite being all too quiet on my website of late, my musical world has been busily plodding along.

I have recently returned home from a whirlwind 2 months of travelling around England with the amazing Buffalo Skinners. 

I had the pleasure of supporting them at a few gigs in France and England, which was a wonderful experience. Check them out.

I have been in the studio, busily preparing for the release of my next CD creation, which will be a 4 track EP, to be launched  into the world in October, 2014.

I am working on these recordings with dear friend and fellow university student Luke Woollett. We have had the pleasure of recording some talented instrumentalists, including some amazing cello played by the fabulous Briony Luttrell. It will be a wondrous delight to share these fresh new tracks with the world! More information about the EP release coming soon.

Also, my duo project Those Folk are releasing our debut full length album in October 2014. It shall be a busy and exciting time for me! If you haven't already, please check out our Facebook page for breaking news.

I have a few gigs coming up, including a performance at in Sydney at Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar on the 23rd of August. It will be my first ever Sydney show and I'm looking forward to exploring the gems that this city has to offer.

I am also delighted to announce that I will be performing at The Maleny Music Weekend, alongside many talented artists including Ange Takats, Barleyshakes, Mzaza, Cloudstreet, Dva, The Flumes, Youngtree, and many more. I'm playing a set on the Sunday, August 31st.

As well as all of this, I am continuing to hone my sound production skills at QUT and am enjoying the journey to understanding. [It's a long road, but a rewarding experience... "Knowledge is power", or so guitar teacher Lee Turner used to say.]

I recently played a really enjoyable gig alongside an awe-inspiring Brisbane band called "Orsino's Safari". They are an original, world music quartet, whose intricate melodies really blew me away. I suggest checking them out. We're dreaming of some form of collaboration emerging, so stay tuned on that one.

I also have dreams and intentions of taking my musical aspirations to USA in the near future, so for those of you in the greater Brisbane region... There is no time like the present to connect.

Below is a photograph that was taken during a recent filming session for an upcoming music video.

That's all for now folks,

Take care, tell the people you love that you love them often, follow your bliss and seize the day.

With love and hope for the future,


Photograph by Daniel Lopez.

Photograph by Daniel Lopez.


Featured Clip - Caught in the Rain

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